Chocolate Squares And Lavender For Each Occasion

Chocolate Squares

Chocolate squares with lavender flowers: a dessert without cooking

Chocolate squares with lavender flowers are extremely simple to prepare desserts in your own home, appropriate for just about any occasion. They may be consumed like a snack, possibly in the organization of the good tea or coffee, but additionally at breakfast, because of the good power of nutrients and also the heterogeneity from the ingredients. A peculiarity from the chocolate squares with lavender flowers may be the preparation method, which doesn’t need cooking.

For this, actually, the process of solidification within the fridge is preferred, which guarantees the best consistency towards the cake without dealing with any supply of heat. Indeed, heat is really involved with a situation, that’s to melt chocolates, and for that reason convert it into a classic pastry component. Without cooking apart, the chocolate squares are “sweets” that should be attempted, knowing by the simplicity of the recipe, the supply from the ingredients, and, obviously, the flavor.

Chocolate Squares

Medjoul dates

Medjoul dates really are a specific variant of dates, and probably the most valuable of. They result from the center East especially from Palestine, where they’ve been cultivated and consumed not less than four 1000 years. When compared with other dates, they’re characterized by their slightly bigger size, through the smaller sized stone by a very juicy and sugary pulp. Medjoul dates are frequently utilized in confectionery formulations, and represent an ideal added value for chocolate squares with lavender flowers.

Dates generally, such as the Medjool variety, are extremely ancient fruits, consumed mainly in Africa and also the Middle East however for some decades also prevalent in the western world. They contain no fat only high doses of sugar, causing them to be an instant energy source. Additionally, they contain significant concentrations of potassium, greater for instance than individuals present in bananas (a fruit that within the collective imagination is symbolic of potassium).


Among the primary ingredients of lavender flower squares is chocolate. Particularly, it’s chocolates, that milk is added only later, after melting inside a bain-marie. Chocolates are healthier than milk or hazelnut chocolate. Let us be obvious: healthier, believe it, or not, caloric. Actually, cacao is typically more caloric than milk, and so the formula “more cacao and fewer milk” accounts for greater calorie consumption.

However, chocolates are healthier since it contains less fat. It’s also considered a great stimulant and food able to reduce oxidative stress. This characteristic is usually present in all chocolates, but which at nighttime variant is worked out to a much greater extent.

This is actually the recipe for chocolate squares with lavender flowers

Ingredients for 4 people:

  • 500 gr. of Medjool dates
  • 230 gr. of almonds using the skin
  • 20 gr. of clarified butter
  • a pinch of vanilla powder along with a pinch of cinnamon
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 100 gr. 70% chocolates
  • 1 . 5 tablespoons cold lactose milk

After getting gently toasted them, blend the almonds with salt, vanilla, and cinnamon, adding the butter and also the dates reduce pieces (without gemstones). Stop blending once you possess a rough dough by having an uneven texture. Unveil the dough on parchment paper developing a rectangle of approximately 2 – 2.5 cm tall. Wrap the square with parchment paper and refrigerate for a few hrs.

Then place the chocolates inside a bain-marie and melt it, adding the cold milk. Take away the almond and date mixture in the refrigerator and spread the melted chocolate with milk regarding this. Sprinkle after some lavender and allow it to solidify. Put in the fridge for any couple of hrs and lastly serve, cutting into cubes.